This moment now,

Take in your breath and see.

Donít merely look,

See this person who now holds your hand.


See their belief in you,

See their hopes and dreams,

Look onto them as though you are a newborn babe,

And their wondrous face is the first of your eyes focus.


Not the face of your Mother,

Whose love is absolute,

Nor the face of your Father,

Whose strength has given you life.


This is the face of your future,

Of someone who has vowed to walk lifeís path beside you,

To share with you all that they are and will be,

Until they breath no more.


See this person,

This very worthy person,

Who has given you themselves.

And understand that above life itself there is no more meaningful gift.


See this person,

And hold this vision of pure happiness, devotion, and promise firmly in your mind.

Itís strength will shield you from uncertainty,

That will appear as life unfolds before you.


For surely there will be hardships, frustrations, and even temptation,

In the journey that you face.

Allow this vision to sustain you,

Beyond those obstacles that lay ahead in your path.


Build upon this vision,

Add to itís strength,

And you will see the hand now holding yours today,

Still holding it after many tomorrowís.


See this person many years from today,

As you draw closer to the completion of your journey,

Your hands still warmly held in theirs,

And see how full and complete your life has been.

Carl ShannonAug 1997