Suzanna’s Red Bandana


She’s got the walk going, she’s moving down the street,

Over the sounds of the others, I hear the clapping of her feet.

Suzie’s got on her red bandana, and she’s going out tonight,

They’ll be no money in the morning, right now she’s feeling tight.


I used to be a mommy with a little girl all of my own,

Now all I got is lots of nothing, and it keeps weighing me on down.


She passes Jimmy on the corner, he’s talking trash again,

She doesn’t even notice him, she’s right on track around the bend.


Tonight I’m gonna score big time, live high up on the hill,

I’ll soon be flying in my head, another mindless thrill.


The cops watch her walk on past, her eyes so black and cold,

Yesterday they saw a young girl, in one day she’s grown so old.


I’ll soon be high, up on the hill, another rush another thrill, I’m moving in upon the kill.


Under the trash is a red bandana, tied to a head that’s cold and gray,

She’ll won’t be walking down the street today,

No she won’t be walking down the street today.