You know the girl who lived just down the street, one day she woke up looking at her feet,

They say her mind gave way, but that’s okay, I think I’ll stay, awhile.

She’s forgotten how to say hello, and even how to smile.


But Sally said that she’d be back again someday, she felt she needed just a little time away,

She closed that door, and hid behind her eyes, I wonder if she’s looking at the skies.


I’m still here behind another door, sometimes I look down at my feet upon the floor,

And wonder if what Sally said is true for me, someday perhaps I’ll find out if she still believes.


But Sally said that she’d be back one day, maybe she got lost though, somewhere along the way,

The door is closed behind blue eyes, maybe the blue in Sally’s skies, maybe the blue in Sally’s skies.


She told me once that she had lived on a lovely farm, with goats and sheep and horses in the barn.

She used to hide up in the loft of hay, I wonder if that’s where she is today.


But Sally said that she’d be back someday, it’s been a long time, I sure hope that she’s okay,

I really miss that girl, the one that got away, I guess now she’s got lots of time to play.


Maybe next week she’ll come back to me, maybe then we’ll walk and talk like we did yesterday,

I still remember how her smile dissolved my gloom, it sure makes me sad to see her staring blankly in this room.

Sally said that she’d come back to me one day, she’s just gone out for a stroll on a sunny spring time day,

The air is fresh and clear, she says Yes, I’m lovely dear, but thank you kindly just the same.


Sally escaped from us a long, long time ago, she’s never coming back, that is the one thing that I know,

I wish I could go to wherever she is now, It must be happier than these furrows on my brow.

It must be better, than where I am sitting now.