A songbird, sang her song for me,

So far away, in her lonely tree, wistfully,

Searching, for my soul, was she…


I came across her song that once,

From long ago, and still I sense her now,


I stopped to smell a rose that day,

So full of life and sunshine’s rays, each petal groomed so full with grace,

I cried long tears beyond dismay, to find that I was not alone.

My songbird sang her song for me, and set my soul forever free,

Such lofty heights, always, with me.


My songbird sings now while I dream,

And sweeter sounds there have not been,

She takes me where only she has seen.


My songbird sings so true and sweet, I feel her wings beneath my feet,

I smile and laugh so indiscreet, for me, to be, so full, so free, happy.


I give you now that song above, passing it’s soul, to you my love,

It’s yours to hear, to sing, to live, allow your deepest hurt, to now forgive.


So sing a song, for you, for me, and let its beauty set you free,

And smell a rose, and think of me, and I will be with you, always.


A songbird sang her song for me,

So close to my heart, so much of me,

Giving all my love to thee, always, always.


Carl Shannon 2004