Just a smile


A sunny day, a nice cool breeze,

My thoughts were busy of my needs,

And in the air was sweetness,

That I missed.


A girl walked by, I lifted my eyes,

And then much to my surprise,

She smiled.

She smiled.

She smiled.

She smiled not at me, but at the world,

Her eyes full of life, mysteryís unfurled,

As she passed by she turned her head,

And smiled again, no words were said.


And then I smiled.

Yes I smiled.

I smiled at the world,

I smiled at the little problems that had curled,

Beneath my feet, that now were gone.

I smiled at the sunshine that gives me life.

I smiled at the breeze, and all the flowers now were ripe.

I smiled.

Yes I smiled.

And I was taken back to my youth,

When the air was sweet,

And life was soothing,

And we didnít know,

What we didnítí know,

And that was fine.


As Iíve grown older it has taken time,

To get to that place in my mind,

To see,

Yes, to see,

That life is sweet, and simple,

Like a smile.

Just a smile.

That is life, just a smile.