February Moon


As he walked out the door, he turned around and smiled,

The moon was shining brightly, in the February  sky,

He said I’ll call you when I get home, so you’ll know I’m okay,

She smiled back and she said to him… I love you baby.


She watched him drive away, holding herself tight,

She shut the door, smiled and said he’ll be alright.

He was a country boy, grew up in the snow,

Black ice and freezing rain, well, he’d  just drive slow.


She lay down on the couch, near the phone and she smiled,

They’d been together about a half a year, side by side,

He’s been hinting lately, about asking for her hand,

She was a shy girl, but ready for this man,


She had a son, just seven years old,

The man and the boy were already good friends.


She was smiling still, when her eyes closed, and she slept,

But she woke up cold, in her dreams she’d wept.

The phone never rang, she’d waited all night,

She woke up alone, he was gone, never again would he hold her tight.


She was crying so hard,

She’d never felt this pain,

She didn’t know what to do, who to call,

She wanted him so badly.


She was kneeling by the couch,

Her eyes filled, her heart done,

The phone rang and she grabbed it,

She yelled please be my man.


He said baby, are  you okay?

I just got here, it was nasty, I’ll turn around and come back,

If you need me.

She couldn’t talk, she just cried,

And when words finally came,

She said please, please baby, don’t drive,

Don’t leave me again.

She said please, please baby, don’t drive,

Never leave me again.

Never leave me again.