Field camping is on the Majestic Hemlock Field


Things NOT to do at the music festival


·        No glass whatsoever, no bottles, containers, nothing glass!!  We are barefoot friendly.

·        No portable charcoal barbeques.  Please use propane camp stoves, and keep them  at least 10 feet from tents.

·        No fires on field campsites.

·        Keep pets on leash at all times –not all dogs get along with all dogs, please keep Benji on leash all the time, no exceptions, and clean up their poo too…

·        No fireworks, or firecrackers, nothing that makes bright lights and booming sounds!

·        No illegal drugs – security will escort  you off premises immediately.

·        No attitude, poor manners, fighting, nothing that will disrupt the peace at Bear Falls

·        No racism,  sexism, no disrespecting any one, period

·        Keep your site clean, pick up your cig butts !

·        No cars on field camp sites, keep vehicles in parking area.

·        No under age drinking



Things to bring to the Bear Falls Music Festival:


·        Tents, lawn furniture and propane camp stoves.

·        Reusable containers and dishes, no glass

·        Sunscreen, it’ll be hot and sunny!

·        Blankets / Sleeping Bag.

·        Bring everyone friend and all their friends!

·        Signs, flags, something to mark your site so people know where you are in the campground.