I should have said


I should have said, this is not what we want to do,

I should have said, I do not want to feel the pain,

That we both will soon be going through.


I should have taken a deep breath,

And then I should have saidÖ

You donít know what you donít know,

But I do.


I should have said that I know that Iím not right,

I should have been patient,

I should have held you tight,

Now we both are alone on these cold nights.


I have walked along your road before,

I have tasted the bitter sweetness,

That at the time seemed to fill my hollow,

But no more.


Iím everything and nothing,

Iím a shadow on the floor,

Iím where you used to be,

Nobody stands behind me anymore.


I should have said nothing,

That would have said it all,

The feelings that Iíve said before,

Would have been enough to stop our fall.


But I ranted, and I raved,

And yeah, Iím so right,

And that is what I carry in my back,

Keeps me standing up so right.


I saw you, years from now,

Last night in my dreams,

And you were happy,

Not sure what that means.


But I hope, yeah, I hope,

That years from now, we both have what we needed now.

The things we needed now, that neither could provide.


I should have said,

That I am a human being, I am flawed and I am perfect,

And I miss you.


Carl Shannon