A Little Tiny Yellow Bird


I�m tired of walls between me and the world,

I�m tired of nonsense I hear from people, full of shit,

I�m tired of losers, people crapping on my, my dreams,

I�m tired of the bastards that I worked for, who stole my youth,

Who stole my youth, while I was sleeping at my DAMN desk.


I�m tired of all the excuses that I�ve used to complain,

About my own DAMN incompetence.


And then a yellow bird flew up, and sat on the edge,

Of the bench, in a park, where I was sitting.


I thought, how nice, what a sweet little yellow bird.

I thought, I just complain too much, I should just chill.

Relax a bit, enjoy little simple things, like this sweet little yellow bird.


Sitting on my bench, while I�m pissed off at all the

Inconsequential things

Inconsequential things

That I have, like, no control over�.

No, none, no control dude.


And then I smiled and I laughed, and I got a twinkle in my eye.

I laughed and smiled and life was simple and life was simple.

Life was just, simple.


And the little yellow bird, looked right at me, made a chirp, and flew away.

I watched that little yellow bird fly free.


A little too low, for a little sweet and tiny bird like thee�.


Right into the grill of a big ole yellow cab.

And that was that.