I grew up on the coast,

And the forest and fields,

And breathed in the sweet air,

And the bounty it yields,

Now at an age,

Where I look to the sky,

To find my heart,

The man who I�ll walk beside.


I am a farmer,

Up each morning at dawn,

I work among the elements,

With hands that are strong,

Each season brings gifts,

The moon and the sun,

We�ll all work together,

And have daughters and sons.


I am a fisherman,

I�m a man of the sea,

I work dangerous and long trips,

And I�ll come home to thee,

I may never provide you,

With fortune and fame,

I will feed you and our children,

For as long as I am.

A poet I am,

Bread and wine for my song,

A sailor I�m not,

Not those seas that weep, for those that are gone,

I can write words about it,

And this fine earthly land,

But my song is my gift,

Much more than my hands.

I may never provide you,

With gold and with gems,

But I�ll share all of my fire,

For as long as I am.


And I look to the sea,

To find my own way,

As I walk on the earth,

Barefoot as I used to play,

I know my own heart,

And I am drawn to the fire,

Not the fisherman or the farmer,

The poet that I desire.


And we are man and wife,

And we are spirits and soul,

And we know about riches,

And we know about gold,

And we�ll walk together,

Through the warm days and the cold.